“Poodle Cat” Media Mashup

The media have named the Selkirk Rex cat a “Poodle Cat”. This is incorrect. They have quoted some scientific research¹ into the genetics of the Selkirk Rex – probably in breach of copyright – and had the gall and arrogance … please continue reading

North Ridgeville Kitten Killer: Update

By Elisa Black-Taylor This is an update on the North Ridgeville humane officer who is accused of killing five 8-10 week old kittens on June 10, 2013. This article chronicles events beginning on the day the kittens were killed and … please continue reading

Americans Treat Their Pets Like People. Discuss

“There’s a lot to love (and dislike) about both nations; both nationalities. You can’t generalise, and you can’t stereotype.” (person commenting on USA and UK on BBC America website) I agree with the comment. Ruth Margolis writing for BBC America … please continue reading

Kittens Born Before Mother (Queen) is Spayed

This comment by Gabriel Altunel highlights a problem: Our little girl Cinnamon has given birth after the two months she’s been with us while we were trying to look for a spaying center. We are not thinking of giving them … please continue reading