I Like Minneapolis (and St. Paul)!

I like Minneapolis because the city council are debating a change in the city’s attitude on controlling stray and feral cats. At the moment the policy is: Catch and Kill stray cats, while at the same time.. prosecuting citizens who … please continue reading

DIY Declawing (comment)

Don’t do DIY declawing. Don’t even begin to dream about it. Declawing is bad enough when carried out by a vet. Even they screw up, which compounds the immorality of such an unjustifiable process. However, it appears that one idiot, Eric … please continue reading

European Union Mess is Bad for Animal Rescue in Bulgaria

Introduction Bulgaria shouldn’t be in the European Union (EU) at this time, and neither should a number of other countries such as Romania. They were allowed to join before they were compatible with existing EU countries. They were allowed to … please continue reading

Ban Cat Declawing in Ontario

We don’t often discuss the topic of declawing cats in Canada. The operation of declawing a cat is widely known to be an American concept. Yet, there is a lot of it in Canada, too. I wonder if Canada got … please continue reading