How do Manx breeders create healthy cats?

I am interested in how breeders of the Manx cat are able to create healthy cats. We know that the gene that causes taillessness in the Manx is a nasty gene, which potentially causes severe health problems in living Manx … please continue reading

Classic Tabby Cat I Feed: A Picture

This is the classic tabby cat that I feed. I can’t help it. He hisses like hell at me but he doesn’t mean it. It is just programmed behavior. Defensive. He wants to be loved…and fed. At the moment his … please continue reading

American Shorthair Photographic Portrait

An outstanding photographic portrait by Helmi Flick of the popular American Shorthair. It has a “portrait” quality, hence the title. It is quite formal and straightfoward. The coat is classic silver tabby. This is considered to be the coat most … please continue reading


Tortie Cat and Cuddly Parrot

Just a cat picture on Pictures of! You may have seen it already. I hadn’t until yesterday. It is one of those glorious interspecies friendships. Both the cat and parrot are smart. The parrot is particularly smart as I recall. One of the smartest animals, which is why he chose a cat as a friend.

As a bonus the cat is stunning. There is bit of white in the coat but I don’t it think qualifies this cat to be called a calico, but perhaps I am wrong.

Tortie cat and cuddly parrot

Tortie cat and cuddly parrot

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