Preventing Cat Fear At The Vet’s Surgery

I don’t believe that you can’t totally prevent cat fear at the vets, but you can do things that help to reduce it. Having read Ruth’s double whammy (two cats at the same time) session at the vets, I thought … please continue reading

Transference of Pet Ownership (two examples)

Informal transference of ownership of a pet is a difficult area of the law. Here are two different but similar examples with opposite outcomes. Lost Cat Rehomed Through Shelter When a cat is lost, even temporarily, and finds her way … please continue reading

Controlling Your Lifestyle and Cats

People of a controlling nature (“control freaks”) are not ideally suited to cat caretaking, My thanks to Marc for making me think about this. The better cat caretakers, owners or guardians, call them what you want, are more relaxed about … please continue reading