500 Cats Saved From Meat Trade

By Elisa Black-Taylor Collage by Michael at PoC based on images in the public domain Five hundred cats were saved in early November in Xuzhou when a police officer pulled over an industrial truck with out of town license plates. … please continue reading

Cat Lover’s Dilemma. Advise and Win a Prize!

Advice needed on how to deal with this “cat dilemma”. Best answer in a comment wins a prize 🙂 The prize is an Amazon cat bowl. Big deal. Sounds rather poor but they are nice bowls: USA Bowl – Neater … please continue reading

Trapping Outdoor Cats

The domestic animal control regulations of the state of Victoria, Australia, although well intentioned can have some distressing consequences. They need refining or their application needs refining. The State of Victoria, Australia has some pretty advanced law concerned with the … please continue reading