India Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics

India is becoming Westernised. This is demonstrated in many ways including developments in respect of the relationship between citizens and companion animals. Recently, there was a first in the cat world: a cat show in India. There are purebred cats … please continue reading

How do Manx breeders create healthy cats?

I am interested in how breeders of the Manx cat are able to create healthy cats. We know that the gene that causes taillessness in the Manx is a nasty gene, which potentially causes severe health problems in living Manx … please continue reading

Classic Tabby Cat I Feed: A Picture

This is the classic tabby cat that I feed. I can’t help it. He hisses like hell at me but he doesn’t mean it. It is just programmed behavior. Defensive. He wants to be loved…and fed. At the moment his … please continue reading