Branch of U.S. Department of Agriculture Illegally Killing Pets

By Elisa Black-Taylor According to Fox news¹ hundreds of family pets have been killed over the past decade by a little-known program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The name goes by Wildlife Services, which has a Predator Control division that … please continue reading

Beware of Cat Haters in Influential Positions

By advocating that people should beware of cat haters in influential positions, I am saying that some people, who happen to hate cats, have a platform and have some influence through which they are able to damage the image of … please continue reading

Marcus Won’t Use A Litter Tray in New Home

Hi, I received an email from Leanne of Kays Hill Animal Sanctaury. She wrote about Marcus, a lovely, solid, black and white, male rescue cat who looked after Gerty, another rescue cat at the sanctuary, for a while. Here is … please continue reading

War Against Feral Cats Part 5

This is the latest installment of the war against the feral cat in the United States. The instigators of the war – the aggressors – are the ornithologists and bird conservationists (“the bird people”) and the defenders are people who … please continue reading

Last Chance Cat Ranch Suffers Devastating Loss

By Elisa Black-Taylor The Last Chance Cat Ranch located in Lethbridge, Alberta suffered a devastating loss on March 5. Sixty cats were living in the foster house when a fire broke out. I’ll caution the readers right now that you … please continue reading