NY Senate passes bill S2305A for state animal cruelty registry

According to WKTV News, the New York State Senate has passed legislation requiring animal abusers who violate Buster’s Law to register with the division of criminal justice services. Known as S2305A, the new bill also requires abuser to undergo a … please continue reading

Maine Coon Characteristics

Introduction This is an alternative view on the subject of Maine Coon characteristics, which refers to notable aspects of the cat’s physical appearance and her/his personality. The entire internet is chock-a-block with conventional descriptions of the characteristics of the Maine … please continue reading

Hitchhiking Cat Is Going Home

By Elisa Black-Taylor A lost cat named Mata Hairi will soon be reunited with her owner, more than ten months after becoming a lost cat, then a cross country hitchhiker. Her story began last September. MATA HAIRI: SAVED THEN LOST … please continue reading