Picture: Cat Rolling in Grass

The weather is good in London, UK, at the moment, so I took Charlie outside and plonked him on the grass, grabbed the camera, waited and took a decent photograph. I love to see him in the grass; rolling in it, luxuriating in it. He is still out there, right now. I think he asked me to take him out. Well, he enjoyed it and he should go out if the weather is good.

The picture is published upside down deliberately to make it a bit more interesting.

Cat rolling around in the grass, London, UK. Photo: Michael

Cat rolling around in the grass, London, UK. Photo: Michael

Do you think the feel of the grass on their backs is pleasurable to a cat and a dog or other animal? Foxes roll around like this. It has to be pleasurable. Why? Is it the cool roughness that gently scratches the back and cools the skin? Is rolling around in the grass simply an act of pleasure; a gesture and expression of temporary contentment?

The original photograph is a lot sharper and carries much more detail. The internet has difficulty presenting large, heavy files. This is a reduced size version but it has the feel of the original.


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