Blind Cat Homer Is Sick

By Elisa Black-Taylor Blind cat Homer could possibly be the most famous cat alive today in the U.S. His human companion, Gwen Cooper, wrote a best seller detailing his life in “Homer’s Odyssey”, and her new book “Love Saves The … please continue reading

What Is Wrong With Grumpy Cat?

I’ll tell you what is wrong with Grumpy Cat – people; that is what is wrong. People exploiting a cat with bone deformities that appear to be throughout her body including her jaw, which gives her the grumpy appearance. I … please continue reading

Cat Lover’s Dilemma. Winner Announcement

Introduction I am announcing the winner of the “cat dilemma” competition as an article rather than as a comment because I want to explain myself fully to avoid upset. Also it might create some additional discussion ;). The first point … please continue reading