Cat brings gifts to grave of deceased human companion

Why does a loyal cat bring “gifts” to the grave of his deceased human companion? This the story of a handsome three year old rescue cat, Toldo – a tabby and white – who has got into the habit of … please continue reading

My cat is stressed by my new baby. Advice please.

“My cat is jealous of my new baby”, is quite a common statement on the internet. Is it jealousy? Or is it a territorial thing? Or both, and more besides. This is a real situation and one we read about … please continue reading

Do You Suffer From Feline Paralysis?

By Elisa Black-Taylor Do you suffer from feline (also known as cat) paralysis? I read about this “condition” on a popular cat site, as well as in a cat newsletter I subscribe to. Apparently it’s a condition that’s been around … please continue reading