Controlling Your Lifestyle and Cats

People of a controlling nature (“control freaks”) are not ideally suited to cat caretaking, My thanks to Marc for making me think about this. The better cat caretakers, owners or guardians, call them what you want, are more relaxed about … please continue reading

Natural Treatment for Cat Urinary Tract Infections

“Natural treatment” normally means homeopathic medicines, which I list below. It should also include common sense ways to prevent feline urinary tract infections (UTIs) occurring. Preventative action can also be a form of treatment if applied after the cat has … please continue reading

Best selling author agrees with PoC on cat punishment

Temple Grandin, in association with Catherine Johnson, in their book “Animals Make Us Human” agrees with me and other PoC supporters and regulars (who are very important to this website in getting the message across) that.. “…you can’t train a … please continue reading