Does neutering a cat change his personality?

This is an interesting question. Neutering changes behavior but not personality. Is that possible? The best book on cat health¹ says this: “Neutering does not change a male cat’s personality…” The book then goes on to describe how the operation … please continue reading

Declawing Must Cause Cats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra This article is based on Izzy who was saved from being dumped and fated to almost certain death at a Rescue Shelter where she was heading, as she had developed behavioural problems from being declawed and … please continue reading

Tootsie (a rescued “typey” Maine Coon)

This is an update on Tootsie, a rescued, polydactyl Maine Coon who has been described as “typey”. That cat breeders’ word means that she looks the way a Maine Coon should look. In other words, Tootsie is a genuine purebred … please continue reading

Red and Lilly (cats loved by Marc)

Marc loves all cats. Red and Lilly were friends, good friends. I love these friendships. I am jealous because there is a simplicity in their friendship that is enviable. I hope the video does justice to Marc’s tender relationship with … please continue reading