Cat Food Facts For Kids

This is a page on cat food facts written for children or anyone who wants to read straightforward English. The ideal cat food is a mouse. All cat food that is made in factories and sold on supermarket shelves should … please continue reading

Healing hands speed up a cat’s recovery from injury

Teddy, a male cat with a pointed coat and a strong masculine face, had been run over by a couple of kids on bicycles. His caretaker and owner, Margrit Coates had sensed what had happened after Teddy had raced out … please continue reading

Cute kitten pictures make you work better

If you want to work in a more focused and therefore more productive manner, look at some cute kitten pictures beforehand. Cuteness creates a more positive mentality, which in turn allows the mind to become more focused. That seems to … please continue reading

Norwegian Forest Cat Facts For Kids

The beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds.  As the name suggests this sturdy cat comes from Norway. Some people call this breed a “Wegie” and another name is “Skogkatt”. The ancient stories of the … please continue reading