Writing An eBook To Benefit Cats

By Elisa Black-Taylor This is a beginner’s guide to eBook publication. It may encourage some visitors to consider writing an eBook which benefits cats.Those of you who have actually published an eBook, please leave any tips you may have on … please continue reading

Some Swiss Farmers Eat Domestic Cats. Discuss

Philosophically speaking a lot of people find eating cats and dogs acceptable. I can really understand their argument. Although for me it is a horrible habit, a totally unacceptable activity. Perhaps my response is too emotional and illogical. If I … please continue reading

American Shorthair Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the American Shorthair cat written for children and people who like information in plain language with good pictures. The American Shorthair is an important cat breed. It is part of the history of the United … please continue reading

Tapping into the Caring Side of People

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Love Saves The Day by Gwen Cooper

By Elisa Black-Taylor Love Saves The Day, the newest book (this time a novel) by bestselling author Gwen Cooper, officially goes on sale today. Those who have followed Gwen and her story of Homer’s Odyssey:A Fearless Feline Tale (about her … please continue reading

First hand experience that anxiety can cause overgrooming in cats

Overgrooming in cats can be quite a serious health problem. Cats can lick the fur off their bodies and don’t even stop there, sometimes. A cat can lick exposed skin raw to the point where it bleeds and becomes infected. … please continue reading

Ginger cat brightens up life of melancholy orangutan

This is another one of those animal partnerships that tell us that animals don’t get enough credit for their capability to have deep emotional attachments. Some visitors may have bumped into this story already when surfing the internet but it … please continue reading