Look To Cat Owners to Fix the Feral Cat Problem

The authorities and scientists in some countries (USA and Australia, for example) are concerned that feral, stray and domestic cats prey on native wildlife to the point where species are endangered. Other countries, such as Israel and the UK, have … please continue reading

Eclectic Mix of Cat Pix and Probs

I thought, for once, I’d mix cat pix and probs to use the sort of language people like on the Internet. So, here are ten cat behavior and health questions with quick answers. These are pretty typical. I find that … please continue reading

The Latest From Kays Hill Cattery

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra Kays Hill cattery is coming along very nicely now with one side of the pens in the building completed and full of unwanted cats. You can see a list of some other posts about the cattery,  … please continue reading

Caboodle Ranch Fights On

This is a short, hopefully, digestible update on the Caboodle Ranch modern day saga. Whether you are for or against Caboodle Ranch, and there are lots of people on both sides, you have to hand it to its founder, Craig … please continue reading

Would You Turn Your Deceased Cat Into Jewelry?

By Elisa Black-Taylor I have a question for all of you today. Would you turn your deceased cat into jewelry? I sent Michael an email last week stating this could easily be the most bizarre story I’ve ever written. I’m … please continue reading

Make Sure Donations to Animal Charities Stay Local

“Make sure donations to animal charities stay local” – wise words? Or put another way, don’t give any more money for the time being to these large animal rights and welfare groups HSUS and ASPCA because your hard earned money … please continue reading