Types of Siamese Cat with Pictures

This is an attempt to explain the different types of Siamese cat with the help of illustrations that show the subtle differences. What do I mean by ‘type’ of Siamese cat? I am referring to the body conformation, the shape … please continue reading

Should a female cat experience parturition before being spayed?

Parturition is the act of giving birth. According to research conducted in 1996 by a scientist, Luke, about 20% or one fifth of the American public believe that a female cat should be allowed to give birth to kittens before … please continue reading

Cat Overpopulation Statistics

You can find statistics about the United States cat overpopulation crisis, which, incidentally, is not in general seen as a crisis but routinely accepted as ‘just one of things’. However, you’ll normally see statistics scattered throughout an article or over … please continue reading