Potential Purina One Cat Food Problem

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) This article concerns a potential Purina ONE® cat food problem. Purina ONE® cat food had its most voluntary recall back in the summer. Here’s an article with an overview of this recall. Please read over it … please continue reading

Polydactyl Tabby Cat Picture

This is a really nice polydactyl tabby cat picture by Helmi Flick. Octavia is a beautiful polydactyl tabby cat. People call them polycats. And they have polyfeet! The polydactyl world throws up some nice terminology. For people new to polydactyl … please continue reading

Picture of Cat with Conjunctivitis

Photographs are copyright Elisa Black-Taylor. A “picture of cat with conjunctivitis” tells us a lot about the disease. The above picture is a slight oversimplification in respect of the treatment but the pictures of “Pinky” are real and the treatment … please continue reading