Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter Prioritises Dogs Over Cats

Protest over Mt Juliet Animal Shelter decision

Based upon prioritising resources, the chief of police at Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, James Hambrick, has decided that the Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter will no longer accept most cats. The only cats that they will accept, he says, will be injured … please continue reading

Why are cats referred to as “it”? Should their status remain as “property”?

call cats he and she

The folks who often visit Pictures of (PoC) love their kitties and the majority of kitty guardians consider their cats as family members. Sharing our hearts and homes with these delightful animals gives us a great deal of pleasure … please continue reading

Chavvy Cat Foster Carer Claims Cat has a Severe Personality Disorder but Does He?

scratched hand

This is the story of a domestic cat called Bradley who is said to have a severe personality disorder by her chavvy former foster carer because does not like to be locked up and neither, apparently, does he like people … please continue reading

Incidents at Rowan County Animal Control Lead to Petition to Fire Director Clai Martin

Rowan officer dragging dog

Due to numerous concerns that escalated last week with the critical injury of a cat named Cooper, a petition calling for the firing of Rowan County Control (Salisbury, North Carolina) Director Clai Martin commenced March 13. I’m including three … please continue reading

Is Gum Disease in Cats Partly Responsible for Feline Dementia?

Gum disease in cats

I just have to raise this question and it is just a question. The reason why I am asking the question is because (a) gum disease is common in domestic cats and (b) research indicates that, in humans, Alzheimer’s patients … please continue reading