NJ animal shelter sued after negative comments were deleted and users blocked on the shelters Facebook page

A federal lawsuit was filed in March at the U.S. District Court in Camden by three volunteers at a county-operated animal shelter in Pleasantville, New Jersey. The trio claims their First Amendment rights were violated when their comments were deleted … please continue reading

New kitten nursery at Greenville shelter features adorable kittens available for fostering

Kitten being bottle fed

Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS), a kill shelter located in Upstate South Carolina, is well on its way to becoming no-kill. Their newest project is a brightly painted kitten nursery. The shelter takes in between 40 and 50 kittens … please continue reading

Are our smartphones listening to us in order to recommend pet products?

Are our smartphones listening to us in order to recommend pet products? Or any products, for that matter. The answer may surprise you. According to a May 2016 post by Independent.co.uk, Facebook has admitted their app does listen in “but only as … please continue reading

I’m in shock after a New York cat ‘rescuer’ promotes declawing on social media

While doing my nightly routine of “sleep-surfing” the internet, I recently came across a post on Facebook from a “friend” that I thought would interest (and most likely anger) the readers here. This friend is a big promoter of declawing … please continue reading