Is Gum Disease in Cats Partly Responsible for Feline Dementia?

Gum disease in cats

I just have to raise this question and it is just a question. The reason why I am asking the question is because (a) gum disease is common in domestic cats and (b) research indicates that, in humans, Alzheimer’s patients … please continue reading

Why Compulsory Sterilisation, Microchipping and Registration of Cats Might Not Work

In order to reduce the number of unwanted cats in various countries, the lawmakers are considering compulsory registration, micro-chipping and sterilisation. Will these laws work? To me, there seems to be two reasons why they may fail. The first is … please continue reading

Dangerous and Deadly Flea Products In Memory of Tiny Timmy


This is a very hard story to write because Tiny Timmy touched so many lives in so many ways. To condense his life into a few paragraphs doesn’t seem a fitting tribute, because he is deserving of so much more. … please continue reading