Trap Neutered and Vaccinated Feral Cat Gets Rabies and Bites Person Trying to Help

TNR'ed and vaccinated feral cat gets rabies and bites person

A person trying to help a feral cat was bitten by him/her and it transpired that this cat had rabies and had been through the TNR program and had been vaccinated for rabies (TNVR). It raises questions regarding public health, … please continue reading

Thanks to TNR, 30 cats put out of the “kitten making” business in Anne Arundel County

My friend Heather is a cat lover who does her part to make life better for cats in her Anne Arundel County, Maryland neighborhood. Her passion is those who are left to fend for themselves outdoors. The unwanted and abandoned. … please continue reading

Canadian cat rescue shelter rejects people who insist on declawing their cat

As a person who detests the declawing of cats I am very pleased to see that the Regina Cat Rescue, Saskatchewan, Canada has decided to refuse adoptions by clients who insist on declawing their cat. For me, this is a … please continue reading