Are Domestic Cats Going to Emulate Dogs and Become Lazy Thinkers?

Cat intelligence

Researchers at Oregon State University have concluded that the 30,000 year domestication of the dog has resulted in man’s best friend being unable to think for himself. The domestic dog has become a lazy thinker and in short, stupid. Or … please continue reading

German Court Orders Whiskerless Cat to be Castrated

A short note to illustrate Germany’s attitude to the creation of cat breeds which they consider to be inherently unhealthy. They call it torture breeding or “Qualzucht”. The Associated Press very recently reported the case of a German court ordering … please continue reading

The wickedness of humans: using cats as pawns in domestic disputes

We are all familiar with divorcing couples using and abusing their children to win a battle in divorce proceedings. Fighting over the kids is despicable and it happens a lot. The domestic cat is considered to be a family member … please continue reading