My cat drinks no water and it is OK

My cat drinks no water and it is OK

by MIchael

The title sounds weird but I sure that it is not abnormal, let’s put it that way.

We should remind ourselves of two important factors that dictate that domestic cats don’t drink much water (or no water in the case of my boy) if they are fed wet cat food. This is an important caveat.

We cat food contains about 80% water content. It is mainly water. As I recall a mouse has about 70% water content. So there is plenty of water in wet cat food.

Also the domestic cat originates in the African wildcat, a cat that has a high tolerance to dry conditions and is able to survive in dry conditions without requiring lots of water.

The big problem comes if you feed your cat only dry cat food. Then cats generally don’t drink enough water because they are generally poor drinkers and as they are unfamiliar with the contents of dry cat food they fail to compensate by drinking more water.

Back to my cat. I have checked if he drinks outside and I am convinced that he does not. As I said, he drinks no water.

He has been given a clean bill of health by an excellent vet recently, so obviously it is not a problem.

There is, however, one problem that might be linked to his no-drink policy.

His skin is dry. He scratches a bit more that normal despite being flea free. I know he is flea free because I flea comb him 1 – 4 times per day.

So for one reason only – to try an put more moisture into his skin – I’ll try some fish with added water; a kind of fish soup or a chicken type soup as he loves chicken.

I thought I’d share this because it is unusual for a cat to not drink water at all.

The sand cat, a cute wild cat and the only true desert cat gets all its water from prey, small mammals.


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My cat drinks no water and it is OK

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Jan 23, 2012
Thanks Michael NEW
by: Dorothy

Regarding Bigfoot, he may be as old as 12 years. He just had full tests for senior cats, and his kidneys were fine thank goodness. They found a little heart murmur but the cardiologist didn’t seem alarmed. He’ll be tested annually for that. Not fun for me because they shave his underarm and it takes forever to grow back. He was a good little patient.

I learned plenty about kidney disease in cats here on your website (and so much more) and the best I can do is keep an eye on him. He’s very healthy in all other ways, though a bit skinny (in my opinion, the docs think he’s perfect). It has been my main challenge with this little guy, trying to get him on wet food. I don’t think it will happen.


Jan 23, 2012
Big Foot
by: Michael

Hi DW. Is Bigfoot getting on in age? You know he may have kidney problems…I am not saying that he does. Not at all. Just that drinking a lot and peeing a lot is a sign of kidney failure.

As for Charlie, he pees outside. After he has eaten (three to four time a day) he goes out for a loo stop. It is as simple as that.

I leave water out for him but it is unused. I have been watching this for a long time and the water is unused.

One other thing, I am pretty sure that he has some Siamese in him as he has an oriental or foreign face (long face). This seems by the way to improve his sense of smell (longer nose). He has an awesome sense of smell. He can be 4 yards away and as soon as I have cut into a packet of chicken slices he goes nuts. Of course he also knows what I am doing, the brat.

Jan 22, 2012
Enough water?
by: Dorothy

Well, if it is any consolation, Bigfoot the cat drinks TONS of water. He pees at least six to eight times a day, so I try not to worry. He’s a stubborn old dude that has only been with me for now almost 4 years. He still refuses any wet food I offer him. Much as I try, he will only eat dry food. I don’t like how his fur looks, and sometimes his skin is flaky, but what is a mom to do? He refuses wet food. PERIOD! Even the best caviar! (just kidding of course) But I would give him anything….but alas, only dry food. SO, my question is, how many times does Charlie Pee in a day, not to get too graphic, but it is a curiosity to me. Shouldn’t that be the measure? Charlie looks robust, happy and healthy as does my guy.


Jan 22, 2012
“Tuna soup”
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

I buy low sodium tuna in cans. Instead of getting rid of the excess water, I give it to Monty. I put some flakes of tuna in his bowl too, but it’s mostly water. I call it tuna soup. He always noisily laps it all up.

Maybe it’s more difficult for Charlie to drink water because he is a three legged cat. Monty does drink water in addition to getting mostly wet cat food. My sister remarked early on that he drinks more water than her cat, Kobe. I think Monty was both hungry and thirsty as a feral, and he is still trying to make up for that now.

Monty and Charlie do look a lot alike. I like your picture of Charlie currently on the front page of PoC. Monty lies on his back like that in the hallway when he wants foot petting. He likes to petted with your foot. He seems to like the stinky after work foot the best. He’ll roll and stretch himself out to full length making a long chirping sound, both purr and meow at once. Monty’s a little fatter than Charlie, but he can tell you he’s starving to death, with a very convincing starving baby kitten look on his face right after you’ve been stroking his enormous belly.

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