No-kill cat shelter in Ohio brings happiness to nursing home residents through their Pet Adoptions for Loving Seniors program

This is a feel-good article that comes out of Ohio, where volunteers with a no-kill cat shelter are taking their cats into nursing homes to bring a bit of happiness to the residents. One of the disadvantages to entering a nursing home is the lack of animal companionship. Many of the residents had pets while living on their own and miss them dearly, and while there are a lot of therapy pets who visit the residents, they’re mostly dogs.

Facebook: OAR

Facebook: OAR

Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) runs a small no-kill cat shelter in Madisonville where they offer fully-vetted adoptable cats. Volunteers take the calm mature cats to visit the nursing homes in the Cincinnati area as part of their Pet Adoption for Loving Seniors (PALS) program. The seniors visited with the cats on Friday, where they were allowed to pet and cuddle the felines. Another visit is planned for Tuesday, August 9th.

OAR volunteer Sister Eileen Connelly stated in an interview with WKRC News Cincinnati 

“It brings tears to your eyes literally because these are people that love cats and have had them for many years and as the residents here have said, it just brings back so many memories and they enjoy just holding the cats and feeling that connection.”

Facebook: OAR

Facebook: OAR

A donation link is listed on the OAR website for anyone wishing to support their programs, which include a TNR program and a high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinic.

Great job OAR! You’re doing a service to the cats in your community and providing nursing home residents with the happiness that only comes from stroking a sweet kitty.


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No-kill cat shelter in Ohio brings happiness to nursing home residents through their Pet Adoptions for Loving Seniors program — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! As a Crazy Cat Lady, I know the benefits of having cats around. For me, it would be a living hell without them. Not only does contact relieve stress, their purrs have so many therapeutic benefits. It’s sad the nursing homes won’t allow full time cat residents.

    • We thought about this in the Nursing Home where I worked. Major problem was scooping the litter boxes. The residents are not able to get around that well ?. I really like your program ?. Best of luck ?❤️

  2. i think its wonderful, im a volunteer kitten carer here in New Zealand for couple years love taking them home. i see alot of older cats that are soo cuddly an would be great at this. a few hoes for the elderly are allowing animals. i think i will suggest this to my spca. Its neither the fault of the animals or elderly that they are in this position. well done,

    • Super positive story Elisa. Well done in finding it. This is so important. People who need the benefits that a relationship with a cat brings having the chance once again to enjoy their company. Thanks.

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