Owned by a Maine Coon Cat

Owned by a Maine Coon Cat

by Mary
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

I am owned by a Maine Coon cat. My cat is a retired show/breeding female who I got as a 4 year old. She’s a silver blue classic tabby who at ten years of age has retained a very kitteny face. She’s the most eccentric pet I’ve ever owned, outdoing even my Irish Water Spaniel. She likes to lick the rims of drinking glasses – not drink the contents, just lick the rims. And they can be freshly washed as well, makes no difference to her. She likes to open closet doors, climb in and close the door after herself which has led to some frantic huts for her when she hasn’t been seen in a while.

The craziest is she likes to climb into a dresser drawer and then close herself into the drawer. She can get herself out, but the first few times I opened a drawer looking for socks and came across a cat I reacted less than ideally.

She tells us when she wants her treats, what time to give her dinner, if she wants her litter box cleaned out, if she wants to be picked up, and so on. And at night she likes to wrap herself around your head when you’re asleep and purr until she wakes you up.

Suffice it to say, she owns the house. But we pay her motgage.

Admin: I love this story….! I can see that you are owned by a Maine Coon cat. Thanks for sharing it with us all. I added one line at the beginning to make it more visible to Google.

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