Private Investigator to investigate Sage the cat torture

This is an important and interesting development. Jensen Private Investigations issued an official press release today, August 11, 2017, informing the public that Jason K Jensen, a private investigator and criminologist, has agreed to act for an undisclosed person or persons or organisation and under confidential terms to investigate the death of Sage the cat of Clearfield, Utah.

I am publishing his official press release below. It contains his contact details:

In addition, there is a crowdfunding page to help assist in paying his fees.

“Private Investigator Jason Jensen has agreed to investigate the torture murder of Sage the Cat. However, investigations cost money. Please help if you can.”

Please click on this link: Go Fund Me crowd funding page for private investigator.

Here is a video showing Jason Jensen:

Click on the link to read his interim report on his 2 day investigations:

Jason Jensen provides background investigations report on Sage the Cat torture case


As mentioned, this is an interesting development. This is because the police force has stopped investigating this crime. Therefore in order to keep it moving forwards the involvement of a private investigator gives us hope that justice for Sage is possible and may be achieved.

A lot of people think that the police have not done enough. The perpetrator of the crime was in the house where Sage was tortured. The pool of suspects is quite small. The public feels that it is possible to catch the criminal.

The police have refused to disclose what they have done which is a lack of transparency despite the fact that they are requesting help from the public.

There is a general dissatisfaction with the police force and this development will be welcome. It is not clear who has hired Mr Jensen. I have a feeling that it is members of the Facebook campaign fighting for justice for Sage who have come up with the idea and sought the involvement of a private investigator in order to ensure that the case carries on.

They probably hope that crowdfunding will provide sufficent funding. Please help if you can. If I am correct then well done to them and the private investigator. I am sure that it will please many people. But we should not have unrealistic expectations.

Man living with cat’s owner in family home tortured Sage the cat

My thanks to a certain person for telling me about this development.

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Private Investigator to investigate Sage the cat torture — 10 Comments

  1. My impression was it’s known who tortured Sage it’s a matter of putting the proof together and getting a DA to run with it.

    • Yes, good point ME. That would seem to undermine the purpose of a private investigator. However, I would hope he would be able to find the evidence if it still exists.

      • More that he has the basic information and just needs to pull the package together. The PI will put the time in that police forces don’t usually have. I believe Sage’s owners know exactly what happened the trick is getting them to talk.

  2. Circumstancially, this is a very strong case. Who had opportunity? That creep and if a proper investigation is done they will find everything out about this. The smallest piece of evidence has been what helped solvest the most puzzling cases.

  3. Jensen Investigations posted on the Justice for Sage Neighborhood Watch that he has cleared everyone in the family after 2 days. I am appalled and angry. How could he possibly do that in 2 days? He is treating people who donated to his fund like they are idiots. He claims they don’t have a violent history to abuse animals. Animal abuse isn’t done out in public and discussed by the perpetrator. I am so angry right now and feel very deceived. Many vets have stated that there is no way that Sage ever left that house with the injuries he sustained, let alone crawled home and went through the pet door as his owner claims. Many believe that one of the owners slammed his head into the wall when they got angry about something which is why his nose is black and his face is pushed in. Jensen Investigations should be ashamed of themselves, he cleared all of the suspects in 2 days? OK, so now what? A random maniac went to that neighborhood and knew exactly when and where Sage would be? He really must think people are idiots.

  4. Do not donate any money to Jason – he has no idea what he’s doing and you’re better off using that money to make some flyers or use it for toilet paper.

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