RagaMuffin Cat Picture by Helmi Flick

RagaMuffin cat photo by Helmi Flick

This is a beautiful RagaMuffin cat picture by the well known cat photographer Helmi Flick. It was taken in the USA, probably at a cat show.

The RagaMuffin is a spin-off purebred cat breed from the better known Ragdoll cat. The history of both breeds is a bit confused but in general terms the breeders who were affiliated with the founder of the Ragdoll cat, Ann Baker, broke away from her franchise due to disagreements.

They created a cat breed that has a wider range of coat patterns and colors while retaining a similar body type and character. This happened in the 1980s and concluded in 1993 but as I said the history is fuzzy.

There will be some differences to the Ragdoll because in creating the differences in coat type, outcrossing to other breeds had to take place. The outcrossed breeds were Persians and Himalayans (pointed Persians).

The name “RagaMuffin” is similar to “Ragdoll”. It had to be different because Ann Baker had legal rights to the name “Ragdoll”. Notice, too, that the breeders like to retain a capital “M” in the middle of the name.

The cat in the picture is called “Dreamer” and is a silver mackerel tabby and white cat as far as I can tell. Mackerel tabbies can be similar to spotted tabbies because the spots merge to form lines. Mackerel tabbies have stripes….Read more..

See a famous rescued RagaMuffin who met her saviour.

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