Russian Cat Sings Along to Accordion

A snoozing Russian cat sings along to the accordion. You’ll like this one. What do you think is going on?

Obviously the cat recognises the sound of the accordion. But is the cat singing along or simply responding to what she might think is a call? You can’t believe that she is singing along although it makes a good title to the post. It is a fun title but it would be nice to know exactly what is going on from a scientific point of view, in respect of cat behaviour.

Do you think that this cat likes music? Her voice, her meow, is a little like the sound of the accordion. I wonder whether she responds to the music of the accordion as if it is a meow calling her or simply communicating with her.

I suggest this because her meow follows the music of the accordion as if she is talking to it. That is the impression that I have when watching this video. What do you think?

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Russian Cat Sings Along to Accordion — 16 Comments

  1. What a beautiful cat! I think she is singing along too or maybe saying ‘more please’
    The accordion has a nice mellow sound and I think cats love music that isn’t too loud and high pitched, I know ours do.
    This really brought back memories as our late dad had an accordion when we were kids and the dog used to sing along with him when he played it.
    We called it his ‘squeeze box’ lol

  2. Adorable.
    I’m not sure about the singing. It may be that she’s saying, “Go away. I want to sleep.”
    Cute anyway.

  3. Maybe she is conditioned to *sing* during the accordian’s pauses when she is alert and active, and then when she is sleeping, of course she hears it, and cannot help responding in her sleep. This is such a sweet video, Michael. Glad you found it!

  4. This makes me wonder if it is possible for a cat to be somnabulent…sorry, “somnabulistic” probably makes more sense. Anyway, do you get my drift? Have you ever heard of this occurring?


  5. I was thinking about our boyz and when they are curled up like that and sometimes so irresistable that I have to drop a kiss on a furry head, they make a sort of little brrr like that cat as if to say ‘I acknowledge you are there, I love you too, but right now I’m staying asleep’
    Maybe that cat is saying ‘Yes I’m listening with half an ear and I love the music, carry on, but I’m not leaving my comfy spot to join in’ lol

  6. I am wondering if she isn’t responding to the accordion because she knows who is so sweetly in love with her that he just cannot help but to respond… to her 😉

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