Stray Cat Dilemma Advice Please

by Freda

I have a stray cat dilemma. What should I do? I bought 2 nice American Shorthair cats about 8 years ago. In the meantime, I have taken in 3 stray cats. I guess I couldn’t help it. They were so nice and I needed to help them. They stayed. The trouble is the purebred cats spray sometimes even though they are fixed (neutered).

Now, I am moving home to a smaller place. My partner wants to get rid of the American Shorthair cats before we move. I don’t think it is right to do that. I wonder if the problem with the spraying is because of the territorial problems created from having the three stray cats in the home. If that is the case I feel responsible.

I now don’t want to put the stray cats in a rescue center or try and re-home them, what can I do?

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Stray Cat Dilemma Advice Please

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May 28, 2009 Keep the cats
by: Caroline

I think you are right to keep the stray cats. If you think there may be problems you can give the cats away to friends or try to seperate the cats from eachother.

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