Devocalization of Cats and Dogs

by Michael (London, UK) Only a Cut-Throat Would Devocalize a Dog or Cat. My thanks to Beth of the Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets for this photo. I would like if I may to write once again about this … please continue reading

Declawing is BAD Neutering is GOOD!

by Ruth (England) Some people have the misconception that declawing a cat is no worse than neutering him or her. When vet nursing I assisted at many cat spays and castrations and cared for the cats as they recovered afterwards. … please continue reading

Declawing Is By Choice Not by Necessity

Declawing Is By Choice Not by Necessity by Ruth (England) BETRAYED AND DELIBERATELY CRIPPLED How anyone can put their cat through the unnecessary and painful operation called declawing and still profess to love their pet, is beyond understanding. My inspiration … please continue reading