Student at Top Agricultural College Allegedly killed Lecturer’s cat and Completed his Course

Student at Agricultural College Allegedly Killed Lecturer's Cat and Continued with Course

It is alleged that a 2nd year student at a top agricultural college killed a lecturer’s cat and was allowed to complete his college course. A photo of the student and cat were published on social media as evidence. This killing was part of a macabre game of who could kill the biggest animal. please continue reading

KitKat cat malpractice allegation: Lazy 5 Vets’ response is inadequate

Lazy 5 Vets response to allegation of malpractice

Lazy 5 Vets have provided a formal response to Starla Daniel’s complaint of malpractice resulting in the killing of her cat but the response is opaque and inadequate. It omits to deal with a crucial aspect of the consultation: why the vet tech was bitten by KitKat despite being warned by Starla Daniel that it might happen. please continue reading