Chinese businessman bought, electrocuted and ate three tigers

A businessman in China has been caught illegally buying, killing and eating three tigers that were smuggled into, China probably from India/Bangladesh. That would make them Bengal tigers, which were almost certainly poached from a reserve. He was jailed for … please continue reading

Lawless Burmese Border Town is Center of Illegal Trade in Protected Species

The Burmese government is too corrupt to be able to discharge its obligations under CITES. Mong La, Burma is governed by a lawless armed gang. The Burmese government abdicated their responsibilities to govern Mong La (aka: Little Mong La or … please continue reading

China-Eating Wildlife-Tightening Up and Enforcement of Existing Law

There has been some unclear reporting on a tightening up of existing legislation in China. Despite the existence of the 1998 (1997?) Law On the Protection of Wildlife in China, there has been widespread eating of the body parts of … please continue reading