I love my cat and he heals some of my depression but he scratches furniture and dislikes my sister and kids

By Darlene Introduction by Michael Darlene lives in America. She has been visiting this site for many years. She loves cats. They help her cope. Please excuse the grammatical errors. Hello everyone its darlene and koal here i hope all … please continue reading

A Cat’s Unalloyed Joy And Love After Release From Living In Dog Crate (Video)

Lovebug cat

“She was in a hoarding situation where she was left confined to a dog crate for most of her life. Luckily she has been rescued from that horrible life!” – Furry Nation Salvation. “Meet ‘Love Bug’. It is easy to … please continue reading

Cat owners should not expect the same level of love and affection they receive from dogs

The words in the title are those of Dr John Bradshaw, a high profile cat behaviourist and author in the UK. You’ll also see him on TV. He also says that cat owners make the mistake of believing that cats … please continue reading