Feral cat’s veterinary bill is $7583.57 and rising

Hoppy the lap cat

Hoppy was a ‘feral’ cat. The description of ‘feral’ is in inverted commas because I am not sure he was totally feral but he certainly lived a hard life and it took its toll. He was found by the person … please continue reading

Pixie the cat had £1,449 of cancer treatment over a blade of grass


I heard on the radio that the vet’s bill for removing a blade of grass from Pixie’s nose was a staggering £1,449. The radio presenter was flabbergasted at the cost. I am not. We are used to free medical care … please continue reading

White Cat Sunscreen

White cats need sunscreen when in the sun (and there appears to be more sun than usual in places like California) but currently, there appears to be no safe sunscreen lotions for cats (unless someone can recommend one in a … please continue reading

Adenocarcinomas of the small intestine and Siamese cats

The Siamese cat is predisposed to getting adenocarcinomas of the small intestine. This is a certain type of cancer and in this case it affects the Siamese cat’s small intestine. Compared to domestic shorthair cats (non-purebred cats) the Siamese is … please continue reading

Woman slow to take cat to vet commits a crime

A woman, Dilys Hadley, living on a very small monthly income, delayed taking her 16-year-old cat, Janet, to the vet for treatment for a bulging eye – an obvious illness requiring treatment. There was a tumour under the eye forcing … please continue reading

My cat is shaking her head. Why?

This page lists the causes of cat head shaking. Cardi, a cat with terminal cancer I am looking after for a very old lady who is in hospital, is shaking her head from time to time (she is also called … please continue reading

Your Cat Hospice

The intention of this page is to share a personal experience concerning cat caretaking in the hope that it might help cat owners and cats. We have just been to the veterinary clinic with Cardi, a small female tabby cat. … please continue reading