Cat Keeps Shaking Head But No Mites

Cat head shaking

When a cat shakes his head he feels a need to get rid of something in or on his head, specifically the ears, mouth or nose. What he wants to eject might be mucus or puss (bacterial infection caused by scratching). You have to find the underlying cause. A veterinarian will be required in my view on every occasion. please continue reading

Veterinarians are failing patients in pet obesity epidemic

Veterinarians don't tackle cat obesity issues

Veterinarians in North America are failing their cat patients because they don’t want to address head on the sensitive subject of cat obesity with their clients for fear of offending them. There are other reasons one of which might be that veterinarians are often tied to pet food manufacturers such as Hills whose main product is dry cat food. This restrains the vet’s ability to discuss diet. please continue reading