Cat advocacy community is mourning transporter killed while driving rescued cats to SC sanctuary

Cat transporter lady killed in car accident

The cat rescue community is in mourning this week following the tragic death of one of our own. A well-known and beloved cat transporter of death row rescues was killed in a traffic accident over the weekend. Janice Lockamy, 60, … please continue reading

Eighty-one-year-old woman with mild dementia loves her robot cat

Eighty-one-year-old woman with mild dementia loves her robot cat

Virginia Smith loves her robot cat. It allows her to express her love for cats. You can see this so clearly. It is such a joy to see. Elderly people who have to live in residential care homes are often … please continue reading

Eight year old girl loves blind rescue cat

Britta and Lucky

Britta Bergeson wanted to adopt this one-year-old blind rescue cat as soon as she saw her on the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) website. These small images are linked to larger versions and a short description.   She was a stray … please continue reading

What Facebook Knows about Cat and Dog People

Facebook has been collecting information about us. We know that. They’ve refined the process. They developed computer software which they call “object recognition technology” which recognises photographs of cats and dogs. It added that information to other information which they … please continue reading