Uneducated 30-year-olds on low incomes most likely to give up their cat

Education is the key to minimising the number of cats given up to shelters. Better job prospects and higher incomes flow from good education. Many more cat owners on low incomes abandoned their cats than those on decent incomes. By … please continue reading

Regulations regarding cat ownership results in significant decline in ownership in Australia

A recent survey found that pet ownership has declined in Australia. Numbers have fallen by 200,000 while the dog population has fallen by 100,000 in the past 12 months. It is unsurprising that the cat population has fallen at twice … please continue reading

What Mistakes Have You Made with Your Cats That You Regret?

Mistake in cat ownership

This is a big question. It is a complicated question. Mistakes with cat caretaking are more likely to occur under certain circumstances. Mistakes are also likely to occur within specific areas of cat caretaking. Obviously, mistakes are also more likely … please continue reading

Raging At Animal Abusers

Rage at animal abuse

Rage is one of the emotions that people feel when their companion animal is abused. The rage is often compounded by frustration at the failure to achieve justice and retribution. It is rage followed by frustration leading to more anger. … please continue reading

Do You Wonder What Your Cat Is Up To Outside The House? You Should.

Do you wonder what your cat does when he or she goes outside the house? Of course I’m talking about indoor/outdoor cats of which there are still many millions in America where cats or often kept indoors permanently. In Europe … please continue reading