Biased veterinarians give one third of spayed cats post-operative pain killers compared to three-quarters of dogs

There is strong evidence that UK veterinarians (it may be the same in other countries) are apparently acting in a biased way in giving cats postoperative pain killers after a spaying operation far less frequently than for dogs. Do vets … please continue reading

Cat presented for laser declaw and we found a rubber band around the tongue

This photo and caption reminds me that cats deal with discomfort and pain with great stoicism. We can’t assume our cat is not in discomfort. This cat was at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic, USA for a laser declaw (more … please continue reading

Feline Constipation: A Potentially Serious Medical Condition

Feline constipation is a fairly common condition that many cat owners may encounter over the course of their kitty’s lifetime. Since healthy cats normally will pass one healthy bowel movement a day; if your cat is only defecating every few … please continue reading