Left-handedness is much more common in cats than in humans. Why?

Although there isn’t a complete agreement on the percentage of left-handed (left-pawed) cats, one source states, ‘when it comes to using their paws to catch or manoeuvre something, cat are usually left-pawed or ambidextrous; only 20 per cent are right-pawed’ … please continue reading

Outside Cat: Infected Abscesses on Paws, Head, and Stomach

A cat health question from Brittani Bell who left a comment on the ‘hair loss in cats‘ page. I hope this page helps some visitors but this is only a discussion page. It is not a diagnosis and neither is … please continue reading

Update on Mollie’s X-rays For Bone Fragments in Paws

Dr. Doub has checked Mollie’s x-rays and confirmed that Mollie has no bone fragments in her paws. Great news. But the evaluation is not yet complete. This is what Carla Krebs of Paws Needs Claws says to Tina: Dr. Doub … please continue reading

The Webbed Feet of Domestic Cats

You don’t get the chance to notice the partially webbed feet of domestic cats unless the cat has no fur or if you feel between the toes of your cat. The space between a cat’s toes is not like the … please continue reading