Mercury, in a cat rabies vaccine, is dangerous but is it in the vaccine?

We are told that pet owners and veterinarians should use mecury-free rabies vaccines. In fact that applies to any vaccines. This is because mercury is toxic to pets and people (as I understand it). It is used as a preservative … please continue reading

Just What the Australian Authorities Are Looking for: Injectable Contraception for Feral Cats!

I can’t leave this discussion alone. The discussion about how the Australian authorities are deciding how to deal with what they consider to be a national pest and destroyer of native wildlife: the feral cat. There must be a more … please continue reading

Cat rabies vaccination risks and how to minimize them

Because there are dangers associated with vaccinations and particularly so with respect to the rabies vaccine (it appears), cat caretakers in association with their veterinarian have an obligation to minimize the risks.  This page discusses the risks and how to … please continue reading

Professionals and Pharma companies keep us in the dark about prevalence of pet vaccination adverse events

This is a reminder that all cat owners should question whether their cat requires yearly booster vaccinations. The word is getting around but for a long time the pharmaceutical companies in conjunction with veterinarians peddled the idea that it was … please continue reading