Pharaoh – An unforgettable Aby!

by Maggie (Australia) My beautiful Pharaoh Biru Henry Pawson was the cat who influenced my life. With out him I would not be sitting here now typing this. He was with me from the very beginning of my life, and … please continue reading

Helmi Flick chose Sky for Cats USA Magazine

Helmi Flick chose Sky for Cats USA Magazine by Susan Graham (Atlanta, GA USA) Alexy Blue Cream Sky of Aksum – photo copyright Helmi Flick The amazing Helmi Flick did it again! She chose another of my Abyssinians, Alexy Blue … please continue reading

Chilli was more than just a coincidence

by Maggie (Australia) My special Chilli at just 12 hours old Everyone who knows me knows my boy, Chilli. But what many people don’t know is the story behind Chilli and my journey to get him. To start this story … please continue reading

Chocolate and lilac Abyssinians are now accepted for championship

by Susan Graham (Atlanta, GA) Helmi Flick Cat Photography – photos copyright Helmi Flick In TICA and in GCCF, chocolate and lilac Abyssinians are now accepted for Championship status. CFA does not accept them yet and may never accept them, … please continue reading

Abyssinian Cat Photo

by Michael (London, UK) I’d like to show you perhaps the best Abyssinian cat photo. If it is not the best it is one of the best. It was taken by Helmi Flick who, however, is definitely the best cat … please continue reading