Is Hillsborough County Veterinary Medical Society planting anti-TNR stories on the Internet?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hillsborough County Veterinary Medical Society (HCVMS) are planting stores on the Internet which undermine trap-neuter-vaccinate-release (TNVR) programs in Florida. I have two such stories on this website. The stories were picked up on … please continue reading

Trap Neutered and Vaccinated Feral Cat Gets Rabies and Bites Person Trying to Help

TNR'ed and vaccinated feral cat gets rabies and bites person

A person trying to help a feral cat was bitten by him/her and it transpired that this cat had rabies and had been through the TNR program and had been vaccinated for rabies (TNVR). It raises questions regarding public health, … please continue reading

Florida wants to create spectacular legislation on how to run animal shelters

Shelter cats

Florida’s Bill HB 515, if it becomes law, will be the most spectacular legislation concerning animal shelters ever created. It is a brilliant piece of legislation which creates rules on how shelters must be run. It covers everything and at … please continue reading

Marion County Animal Abuser Registry. Protecting vulnerable animals from nasty abusers

Marion County is in Florida, USA. The Board of County Commissioners of Marion County are obviously aware of the potential for animal abusers to adopt cats and dogs from pet stores or adoption agencies etc.. I am sure animal abuser … please continue reading

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla: Almost impossible to feed homeless people. No chance for homeless cats.

For me, in an act of callous inhumanity, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida legislature has placed such severe restrictions upon feeding the homeless people that they have all but banned it, which begs the question, what chance is there for homeless … please continue reading

Florida: City commissioners working with volunteers on TNR

Counties and cities in the USA are gradually working out ways to control cat populations with the objective of humanely reducing numbers of stray and unwanted cats. Marion County, Florida has confinement laws, for example. In Deltona, Volusia County, Florida, … please continue reading

Commercial business in animal control treats feral cats as pests in Florida

“ANIMAL RANGERS” – Animal Control & Nuisance Wildlife Management Services, who describe themselves as “Pest Control and Bee Removal Specialists”, run a private business, meaning they appear not to be part of the public animal control services in Florida (is … please continue reading