Japanese Bobtail Cats Predict Tsunami and Howl a Warning

Tashirojima, off the Japanese coast, is sometimes called Cat Island. Incidentally, there is another Cat Island off Hawaii. The Japanese Cat Island has this name because, apparently, there are about 100 people living on the island but there are 300 … please continue reading

Cat Breeds: It’s a Mashup

In analysing the differences between the cat breeds using DNA testing, I am compelled to come to the conclusion that it’s all a mashup. Nothing is what it seems. Everything is blurred and grey without clean distinctions. The breeds, themselves, … please continue reading

Japanese bobtail cat pictures of cats 4

Important note: This photograph is protected by copyright. Copyright is owned by Helmi Flick who created the image. Violations of copyright are not tolerated by Michael who acts as her agent in matters of copyright. Sorry but there has been … please continue reading