Laser Pointers Can Cause OCD in Cats. True or False?

There is no clear cut answer as to whether laser pointers can cause OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in cats. The likely answer is that if a cat is stressed or predisposed to OCD, the condition may be triggered by playing … please continue reading

Cat’s small frontal lobes have something to do with high levels of OCD?

Temple Grandin (in conjunction with Catherine Johnson) believes that it is possible that the domestic cat’s small frontal lobes compared to the rest of the brain might have something to do with, what she sees, as a high occurrence of … please continue reading

My Cat Suckles Me (video)

suckling thumb

My foster cat suckles on my clothes while I am wearing them. It seems it has to be on my clothes and the clothes have to be on me. He does this when I am in bed working or snoozing … please continue reading

Feline Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

It can be extremely frustrating for a kitty guardian when their cat starts acting “weird”; especially when there is no apparent reason for their bizarre behavior. Several years ago, our white Oriental Shorthair began exhibiting some rather odd, compulsive behaviors … please continue reading

Obsessive Compulsive Cat Has Trouble Getting His Pills

Cat guardians whose kitties begin acting strangely often get frustrated and upset with their cat’s bizarre behavior. Being unable to communicate with them verbally makes it even more difficult to pin-point the problem. Many years ago, Sir Hubble Pinkerton, our … please continue reading

First hand experience that anxiety can cause overgrooming in cats

Overgrooming in cats can be quite a serious health problem. Cats can lick the fur off their bodies and don’t even stop there, sometimes. A cat can lick exposed skin raw to the point where it bleeds and becomes infected. … please continue reading

Pica In Cats

by Michael (London, UK) Cats like to eat grass – Photo by Irregular Shed (Flickr) Pica in cats means eating non-nutritional objects. Pica can affect any animal including the human animal. It affects dogs more that cats1. The condition’s name … please continue reading