The Roaring Maine Coon Sphinx

This is a great photo of Maine Coon, Tootsie, by her human companion, Valley Girl (VG) who lives in the United States. Tootsie is actually yawning but the Egyptian Sphinx position is very real and super attractive. It is a … please continue reading

Tootsie (a rescued “typey” Maine Coon)

This is an update on Tootsie, a rescued, polydactyl Maine Coon who has been described as “typey”. That cat breeders’ word means that she looks the way a Maine Coon should look. In other words, Tootsie is a genuine purebred … please continue reading

Polydactyl Tabby Cat Picture

This is a really nice polydactyl tabby cat picture by Helmi Flick. Octavia is a beautiful polydactyl tabby cat. People call them polycats. And they have polyfeet! The polydactyl world throws up some nice terminology. For people new to polydactyl … please continue reading