Why kittens are born with claws and why cats need them

Here are two posters by Ruth (aka Kattaddorra) who has been fighting the good fight against the declawing of cats for many years. She is a co-founder of the ‘International Coalition Against Declawing’. Declawing only occurs in the USA and … please continue reading

Looks like Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license is going to be suspended rather than revoked

You remember Kristen Lindsey don’t you? Perhaps you have forgotten. I would not blame you. The legal process is so long-winded, indecisive and convoluted as to put any interested party to sleep. Dr Lindsey is the Texas veterinarian who shot … please continue reading

Veterinarian Talks Cat Owner Out of Using Soft Paws and Into Declawing

The story comes from an anonymous contributor. It is very believable. The cat owner concerned shared her story with the dailybeast.com website. She says that her veterinarian convinced her to not to use Soft Paws, and declaw her three cats … please continue reading

Should it be Mandatory for All Veterinarians to Write Prescriptions for their Clients?

vet jab

Veterinary care for chronically ill kitties is often extremely expensive. Since kitty guardians want to be able to take excellent care of their beloved cats and give them the best quality of life, those of us who are taking care … please continue reading

How a Legacy of $125,000 to Help Fight Cat Declawing was Misused

In her will, Rhoda Hogan gave $125,000 (USD) to: “An organization to be used to publicize and educate the public about the cruel effect of de-clawing cats and to support legislation forbidding it.” I have to conclude that Rhoda was … please continue reading