The Philosophical Cat

The Philosophical Cat

by Michael

You’ll like this. A cat who speaks French with a poor accent…LoL. And who is deeply philosophical That is one of the harder words to spell..I think this cat would find it easier to spell.

Perhaps – peut-etrê – it tells us something of what might be going on inside our cat’s head.

We walk by and talk silly to our cat and all the time he is thinking deeply about the boredom he is suffering and how he might be able to get into the bird cage..

Henri suffers from ennui.

Well done Will Braden who made the video. Nice black and white long haired cat who does look as if he thinking the words that Will is saying.

Dorothy found the video for me. Thanks Dorothy.

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The Philosophical Cat

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Apr 16, 2012
Love it NEW
by: Barbara

Henri is brilliant, very droll, a truly depressed, put on and long suffering cat, I searched for part one on YouTube and it’s equally as good, thanks for this it made me smile on a Monday morning, I had to share it on Facebook

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