by Nia
(Bonney Lake)

Ashes was a handsome Smokey-Grey Norwegian Forest Cat.

He was a stray till i took him home he would not stop following me it was like he was in love with me.

So i ask my mom if we could keep him she said we could and me and Ashes are Best Friends to this day we live in bonney lake he is a male cat and he kills mice and rats we have woods so mice and rats live in there are house is in good condition he also chases off other male cats but he keeps the female cats close.



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Clumsy Cat

one night i was out in the lounge room with some of mums friends. Binka 1 of our ragdolls tried to jump up onto the mantel piece. He flew into the air before plumeting back to earth!he pretended nothing had happened and walked away!


by Chris

I'm pretty sure the Felix is a moggie. He's 12 years old has cataracts but other than that he's a really healthy cat.


Ziggy F6 Savannah

by June Hokins
(st albans herts)

We purchased a beautiful f6 savannah and wow what a boy!!! his name is ziggy and loves to go walks on the lead sits to command and loves a shower....he also fetches like a dog...fantastic breed....not breeding from him as worried he may escape into the fields and breed with the ferral cats that we have all around us....


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