Unknown Wild Cat Sightings

A list of links to articles and comments by visitors on the subject of unknown wild cat sightings in the USA are on this page.

Although we know which wild cats treat the United States or part of it as their range, sometimes wild cats that should not be in the United States are there. The discussion is on how they got there and what the species of wild cat it is.

unknown Florida wild cat

Unknown Florida Wildcat
This post has a lot of comments and is one the best unknown wild cat sightings on PoC. The picture above is by one of the visitors who commented. It is not the cat as far as I remember that the author of the post saw. Why not see if you can help identify this cat or have you seen one in the same place?

Black California Wildcat?
This visitor post by Anna (Northern California) has got a few comments. This is an interesting posting. The sighting happened in Bidwell Park in Chico, CA and it was ten years ago!

Jaguarundi at the Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park?
This concerns a beautiful part of Florida and the sighting of a strange, smallish cat. People think it might be a jaguarundi. This is a small wild cat that should not be in Florida unless it was imported into the state by a person as a pet.

Frustrated by Wild Cat at Lambert Hill
Not much information on this. But it is about a wild cat that eats chickens and the owner of the chickens is unhappy and doesn’t know what to do other to shoot the cat. Is that all there is to do in the USA?

What kind of cat was that?!
This sighting occurred in Sonoran desert, AZ. No one has made a comment except me! Can you help this guy?

Unidentified black 40lb cat in Arizona
Once again I hope someone can identify this cat. I tried. This cat is about 4 feet long. The big issue is whether people are seing large feral cats or large stray domesticated cats at a distance.

Western New York Sighting of Unidentified Feline Animal
Another one of those US unknown wild cat sightings that concerns a 45 lb animal that looked like a feline sighted in Amherst NY. Can anyone help? There are quite a few comments that I have not read so perhaps someone has already helped.

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