Video showing the dextrous athleticism of domestic cats

As usual I am enormously impressed by the domestic cat. This cute video of what appears to be an unnuetered male cat climbing a chest of drawers and inspecting a chosen drawer is so typical of the domestic cat’s dexterity and athleticism. It is all so effortless.

As usual too the driving force behind this cat’s desire to inspect the contents of a clothes drawer is probably the scent of the clothes or some other object. There is something in there which is awfully attractive and it emits a very tasty smell.

And cats have an excellent climbing ability and love to climb. They love vertical movement. We should provide them with the opportunity to exercise that desire. It’s all there in the video.

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Video showing the dextrous athleticism of domestic cats — 1 Comment

  1. Love it! I sometimes leave cabinet doors open just a little, so they can inspect them. I also have several tall cat trees and an 8 foot tall entertainment center that is unused by me but is used by the kids.

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