Abandoned cat in a box outside the front door of a shelter in London

Abandon Calico cat in box outside front door of shelter

Abandon Calico cat in box outside front door of shelter

This is what it looks like when a person goes up to an animal shelter anywhere in the world and surreptitiously and anonymously abandon their cat in a cardboard box outside the front door. I know we should be cautious about being judgemental. There are often unknown circumstances which force a person to abandon their cat. However, I do believe that the person who does this should have the courage to present themselves at the counter inside the shelter and explain what is going on and talk to the shelter staff about their cat to help them look after the cat properly and re-home him or her. That I think is the more decent thing to do and when a person does it anonymously it does indicate a certain amount of shame and guilt. I don’t think I am being judgemental in saying that.

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